Understanding Sizes of Double Garage Doors

What Are Typical Double Garage Door Sizes?

Most garage door manufacturers do offer standard sized garage doors. That said, this can be different with different companies. If you are replacing the double door on your own garage, you should not assume that it is a standard size. If you are building a new garage, you may or may not want to order a standard sized door.

Standard Double Garage Door Sizes:

These are common standard sized double garage doors. Note that the width is first, and the height is second. (Width by Height)

== 12 by 7 feet == 14 by 7 feet == 16 by 7 feet == 18 by 7 feet == 12 by 8 feet == 14 by 8 feet == 16 by 8 feet == 18 by 8 feet

These days, it is also possible to find garage doors that are 20 feet wide or even wider. A garage door that is intended for a golf cart or ATV might be narrower than the standard sizes.

Why Have Standard Garage Doors Gotten Bigger?

One thing to note is that garage doors have gotten bigger over time. So have garages. Many new garages are constructed with space for three or more cars. They may also be constructed with storage space that is not intended to protect an extra vehicle.

There are many more three-car families these days. In fact, when the first garages were built, most families were lucky to even own one car. It is also true that a lot more families are buying bigger cars like large pickup trucks, full-sized vans, and large sports utility vehicles. When you add in the extra width of these cars, plus the width of the extended mirrors, these might be tough to pull into a narrow garage opening.

Many families today also own recreational vehicles or boats. These also might require larger openings. Instead of renting storage space for these vehicles, some people would rather just build a larger garage so they can store these things at home.

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Why Are Garages Getting Larger?

Finally, families are rediscovering the advantage of having protected storage or work space. In the old days, before garages were so common, many houses had sheds on the property. This extra space might be used for the same reason. It can be used to shelter tools, extra belongings, sports items, or even to work on projects. In fact, lots of people are even converting extra garage space into home offices.

Should You Get A Standard Garage Door Size?

If you are building a new garage, you may get to choose the size of the door. You will have to consider your needs and budget. It is likely that larger or unusually sized doors will be more expensive. You might be able to find more standard doors on sale too.

Garage doors are also heavier. Obviously, bigger doors will be heavier than smaller ones. This might be a consideration if you want to conserve power with your garage door opener too.

On the other hand, you might be able to save money if your door is big enough to satisfy your future needs. If you do end up buying a larger vehicle or a recreational vehicle, you will probably not want to have to park it in the street when you have a nice and new garage!

Understanding Sizes of Double Garage Doors
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Understanding Sizes of Double Garage Doors
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