How To Determine Garage Door Dimensions

The Basics

Homes have gotten larger and larger over the last few decades, and garages have grown along with them. In the old days, many houses had one-car garages, and two-car garages were uncommon. Now, it is not unusual to see three-car garages on many homes. Many garages take up as many square feet as smaller, older homes.

The original garages were first built in the early 20th century when private automobiles first became available. These garages were tiny by modern standards, but some have still survived to the modern day. Few modern cars would fit in such a garage, so they are usually used to store bicycles or motorcycles.

As garages have increased in size, so have garage doors. These doors can be found in sizes ranging from 8 feet to 20 feet. Smaller garage doors also exist for units that are designed to hold smaller vehicles, such as golf carts or motorized scooters.

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Some Dimensions

While garage doors vary widely in their widths, their heights are more limited. Most garage doors are either 7 or 8 feet high. Taller or shorter garage doors can be found, but they are rarer.

If you have an older home with a smaller garage door, you may be concerned about finding a replacement. Even though most newer homes are constructed with larger garages, you should not worry. Replacement doors are still readily available for smaller garages.

When planning the construction of a new garage, either to replace an existing garage or to have one installed for the first time, selecting the dimensions of the door is an important choice. Most builders will recommend that you use two 9 foot by 7 foot doors in a two-car garage. If you drive midsize cars, this is an acceptable size.

However, if you tend to drive larger vehicles, or if you think that you may need some extra clearance, it is a good idea to go with a 10-foot wide door. Adding an extra foot of height to the opening can also make sure that you avoid any accidents or tight squeezes.

Additional Tips

Garage doors need replacement more frequently than you might think. It is not unusual for someone to run into their garage door and damage it beyond repair. Doors also just wear out over time and need to be replaced.

If you are in need of a new door for your garage, it is important to know what the dimensions are of the opening. Measure them carefully so that you do not discover that you have bought a door that does not fit. Also, make sure that there is enough clearance beneath the ceiling for the door’s tracks.

Making an existing garage door opening larger is a difficult task. In many cases, it is simpler (though more expensive) to build a new garage. Trying to enlarge an existing door often requires increasing the height of the garage, which is a difficult task.

Garages come in many different sizes, as do garage doors. Be sure that you understand how the available dimensions will affect your plans for your garage.

Here are some handy tips in the video below for measuring:


How To Determine Garage Door Dimensions
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How To Determine Garage Door Dimensions
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