Review: Chamberlain Group PD220 1/2-HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener, Black

Chamberlain are known for creating well-made, efficient and quiet garage door openers and have many popular products in this category. The Chamberlain Group PD220 is one such powerful door opener for 7ft sectional doors. But how does it stack up against the competition?

Overview and Features

The Chamberlain Group PD220 utilizes a powerful yet quiet DC motor that allows you to quickly open even large doors while keeping things quiet. This is particularly useful for families who have rooms above or next to their garage and is also useful for shared accommodation. The motor is also built to last and as such comes with an impressive 6 year warranty, suggesting that Chamberlain clearly are confident in their build-quality! The rest is built from polycarbonate housing and polypropylene light lens which keep it strong while also being good to the environment.

pd220Also included is one button visor remotes which make opening and closing the door particularly simple and smooth. The fact you get just one is also a bit of a shame though as it means you might have to argue with your partner about who gets to take it out with you. Other, more expensive openers, will often come with two. It does use a tri-band frequency which ensures it should work reliably all the time, even over long distances.

On top of this you also get an easily installed doorbell control, while the opener includes IR safety sensors. These sensors check that the coast is clear underneath before they open or close the door and that in turn is highly helpful for ensuring that nobody will get trapped underneath.


Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for the Chamberlain Group PD220 are very good. Currently it has a 4.5 rating out of 19 reviews on Amazon. Here is one example of a positive review:

“For a budget garage door opener, this one is pretty good. We used it to replace a 10yr old Genie accelerator and while this is much slower, it is also surprisingly a little quieter. For my husband, installation took the better part of a Sunday afternoon but he was able to install it all by himself.

Pros – inexpensive, quiet and I really like that when you walk past the sensors it turns the light on – this is a nice bonus that our previous garage door opener didn’t do. The remote also came pre-programmed to open the door.” – Ms T.

Another reviewer was also pleased with the opener but once again compared it with the Genie which they found to be slightly better in terms of build quality.


The PD220 doesn’t quite offer the same performance or features as some other garage door openers but what you have to remember here is that it’s very much a budget option at $139.99 (current Amazon price).


It’s still a sturdily constructed unit and does offer a few nice features and bonuses – including particularly quiet operation. That said, if you’re looking for an ‘all-singing’ garage door opener, you might want to look elsewhere.

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The pros and cons of the Chamberlain Group PD220.