Review: Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener

The Direct Drive 1042V001 is a well-built garage door opener that is suitable for garage doors up to 7ft-8ft in height. It offers a simple and straightforward construction and comes with a range of features and plus points including extremely quiet operation.

But the same could also be said for several other garage door openers, so read on to see if this is one of the better models or if you should keep looking…

Overview and Features

The Direct Drive 1042V001 is a garage door opener that can be used on doors between 7-8ft with an included rail and installation kit. Once it’s in place, it will provide an extremely quiet and quick operation with the very minimum vibrations. This is a great feature, particularly if you have bedrooms over or next to the garage.

The opener comes with two transmitters which means that two drivers in your family can be out at the same time and still benefit from remote operation. This is a particularly welcome feature as many other garage doors will only supply one remote – meaning you have to fight for who gets it before you leave the house. On top of this there is also an interior wall station.

1042The device is HomeLink compatible which provides you with further integration with your smart home features, while the Rolling Code Technology helps you to keep your garage safe by changing the access code regularly.

Finally, you also get an important safety feature in the form of a laser used to check that the cost is clear before the door opens or closes. That ensures that no car or person will get trapped underneath.


Customer Reviews

The Direct Drive 1042V001 claims to be a sturdily built, high quality garage door opener and according to customer reviews that seems to be precisely what it is. Currently it has a great score on Amazon of 4.5 based on 154 customer reviews.

One reviewer was very happy at how quiet the operation was:

“I manage an apartment building that has one unit above another unit’s garage. The upstairs tenants were having to deal with the vibration and noise from the garage door opener mounted beneath their bedroom floor. 4 years ago I installed a high-end belt drive in an effort to reduce the problem but the problem was only slightly improved. I finally replaced it with this Direct Drive Unit. The Vibration and noise is no longer a problem for the tenant living above the garage. I ordered a spare remote controller and it works just fine.”

Others likewise found the device to be powerful and quiet, though a few users complained that it was slow to open and close.


Overall, the Direct Drive 104V001 is a well-made garage opener with lots of smart features and particularly quiet operation. It provides a more premium selection of features despite only having a price tag of $228 on Amazon currently and all these things make it a great choice.



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