Review: Genie 1022-C 1/2-Horsepower DC ChainLift Garage Door Opener

The Genie 1022-C Horsepower DC ChainLift Garage Door Opener is a powerful garage door opener that has a range of great features and that will offer reliable and efficient performance that’s built to last. In this review we will look at the features on offer in more depth as well as customer feedback and whether or not it is a good option for your garage door opener.

Features and Overview

The Genie 1022-C Horsepower uses a powerful motor in the form of a heavy-duty 600 Newton motor. This is designed for a maximum of a 350lb door and will offer a smooth, fast and very quiet operation.

Soft start and stop also reduces the amount of wear on both the garage door opener and the garage door itself helping both to last longer and continue to perform well. This is why you actually get a five year warranty on the motor (and standard one year warranty on the other parts).

genie1022-cMeanwhile, the unit is also very easy to install which is a welcome bonus seeing as many models can leave you struggling to get them in place. Quick connect wiring helps this greatly. IntelliTouch meanwhile will easily limit the force in play.

Security is also well catered for here thanks to the Intellicode technology which prevents unauthorized people from entering by changing the code every single time you close it. The 1020 model includes a single three-button remote (which can be a little annoying if there are two drivers in your family but isn’t uncommon) a wall button control for secure access without the control too.


Customer Reviews

While not quite up to the standard of some of the Chamberlain products, the Genie 1022-C has largely positive customer reviews on Amazon. Currently it has a four star rating with 38 reviews.

One rave review had this to say:

“This chain drive Genie is perfect, I have installed several over the years and this one was by far the easiest. The chain was already attached to the head and protected by a plastic sleeve. The wiring was simple and enough plastic staples were supplied to properly keep the wires in order.” – Davy
“I bought the Genie 1022 garage door opener to match one that was installed by our home builder on our first garage bay. I was able to install myself by following the step-by-step instructions. This is a decent opener for the money, good for lighter weight doors, such as ours. I’ve had no issues with the opener or motor.” – Gmanfreeb

A couple of users did though question a few of the design decisions, such as the plastic construction of the chain catches.


Overall the Genie 1022-C offers great value for money as a garage door opener that is built to last and comes with an impressive warranty. It’s a little low on features compared to more expensive models and not all the parts are as well constructed as the motor. Overall though, it’s a good bet. Currently available on Amazon for $145.62.


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