Review: Genie 1022-TH 1/2-Horsepower DC ChainLift Garage Door Opener with Two-Transmitters

The Genie 1022-TH is a garage opener with a powerful and quiet motor and a number of features. Genie is known for making particularly durable garage door openers with powerful motors but how does this one stack up?

Overview and Features

The Genie 1022 comes with a ½ HPc DC 600 Newton Chain motor. This is a heavy duty motor that comes with a five year warranty demonstrating just how durable and resilient it is. At the same time, it also offers a soft start and stop operation that prevents wear and tear on the garage door and provides a more pleasing looking movement. It’s long lasting and quiet, while the quick connect wiring ensures it’s all easy to install as well.

It also offers IntelliTouch for quick limit and force settings and Intellicode Technology which works by automatically changing the access code on a daily basis to make sure that unauthorized entry is something that just doesn’t happen.

One of the selling points of the Genie 1022 is the inclusion of two separate 3-button remotes which allow you and another driver in your family both to head out with the remotes with no need to fight over who gets them. Then there’s the wall button control which provides easy access even when you don’t have a remote.

Overall, it’s a great garage door opener that provides a powerful and efficient engine and a good number of features, though not as many as some of the more expensive alternatives.


Customer Reviews

On Amazon, the Genie 1022-TH currently has a score of four stars based on 67 reviews. This is a great score, though not as high as some of the comparable Chamberlain options.

One reviewer on the site had this to say:

“I bought one of these Genie openers to replace one sold by a national chain as their own brand. It was one with a rubber belt drive that had served well for many years, but finally gave out. I was somewhat skeptical of the Genie brand as an earlier screw drive opener of theirs had problems in cold weather, but probably because of my application of the wrong lubricant. This one arrived from Amazon and in a couple of hours I had it up and running, and I love it. It’s very quiet. I was expecting a chain drive to be noisier than the earlier belt, but it’s quieter. It was very easy to adjust and the remote is a snap to set up. I intend to order a second one for the door that hasn’t had an opener (except me) for many years.” – F. Conn

A couple of reviewers had problems with their door opener in terms of the build quality.


Overall, the Genie 1022-TH is really a lower-end option at just $158.21. That said, it is still very well constructed and does come with a number of useful features. Having two remotes in particular is something that many families with multiple vehicles will benefit from greatly.



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