Review: LiftMaster 3255 Contractor Series ½ HP Chain Drive W/O Rail Assembly

The LiftMaster 3255 is a basic but very durable and efficient garage door opener that comes without a rail assembly in this particular package. As there are many different garage door openers on the market though, it’s important to look at the various different specific benefits offered by this Liftmaster 3255 specifically and how it stacks up against the competition.

Overview and Features

The Liftmaster 3255 is generally thought to be the best of the Contractor Series of chain drive garage door openers. It has a powerful ½ HP Chain Drive motor though you might want to consider an upgrade if you are using it for heavy wooden doors or the like.

Also included is a garage door remote that operates with a single button. This keeps things nice and easy and like several similar garage door openers, a ‘rolling code’ which changes after every use ensures that people can’t bypass your security. This is fairly standard on many devices but it’s a good feature to have. It’s unfortunate though that there’s only one remote. Another common safety feature is the Protector System which uses sensors to ensure no one is underneath when the garage door gets closed.

liftmasterA multi-functional control panel meanwhile provides easy opening and closing without the remote and also lets you control your opener lights (which are 100 watts). The device is also called a SMART garage door opener by the manufacturers thanks to the option to program security codes with the power head or on the control panel.

Finally, a manual release option ensures that you can still open the door even if there’s a power failure – potentially a cheaper solution than having a backup system.


Customer Reviews

The customer reviews on Amazon are good so far, though there aren’t as many as for some other similar products. There are 10 reviews at the time of writing which have a combined score of 4.5. Here is one positive review:

“I have owned at least eight such openers from several manufacturers and find this one fully satisfactory. It does everything it should in a timely fashion with its 1/2 HP motor. Don’t buy a weaker one. Note that the model no. and serial no. are hidden under the light cover, rather than being on the sticker on the outside. Also note that if your garage door is noisy, that comes from the door, its springs and its rollers, not from this opener. This opener emits a normal electrical hum while operating, but this takes only a few seconds and is not especially loud or annoying. If you buy an opener, be sure to get the optional external keypad operator for outside your garage. It will save you a lot of annoyance.” – D. Harmon


For $185 this is a somewhat more expensive garage door opener with slightly fewer features than some alternative options from other brands. It’s also not quite as widely reviewed. That said, for what it is it is still a good opener that shouldn’t see you wrong.


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