Review: Sommer Direct Drive Opener 3/4hp Garage Door Opener

The Sommer Direct Drive Opener is a very powerful garage door opener that’s capable of lifting heavy wooden doors and which can tackle garages up to 708ft high. It’s also packed with a lot of extra advanced features which together give it a much more premium price tag of $322 compared with some similar options. So do these features and power make it worth the extra expense?

Overview and Features

The Sommer Direct Drive Opener is a very powerful garage door opener capable of lifting up to 550lbs which makes it a good choice for anyone with particularly heavy doors. For smaller doors this extra power will translate to smooth movement while the whole operation is also very quiet.

That’s because the garage opener doesn’t use a chain like some other, noisier options and not even a belt or screw. Instead this door opener only has one moving part – a chain embedded into a steel rail which the motor can glide along silently.

sommerWhile cheaper options such as those from Chamberlain can offer very quiet operation, this provides the very quietest experience. At the same time, soft start and stop technology ads to the smooth operation and prevents deterioration.

Features include two 2-button transmitters and a wall button. It also has high quality photo eyes and is compatible with HomeLink. These two features allow for many ‘smart’ features if you should want them.


Customer Reviews

The customer reviews are highly positive for the Sommer Direct Drive Opener with an Amazon rating of 4.5 based on 123 reviews.
One review had this to say:

“This is the quietest garage door opener ever. The only drawback is that it moves slower than the noisier ones. However it does have a lifetime warranty-try getting that from an American company. The motor is 24 volt and the motor travels along the rail and the chain does not move.”

Another similarly pleased reviewer said something similar:

“Having used two of these door openers for over a year now, I must say that I have had not a single moment of regret. The openers are easy to assemble and mount. (I mounted them myself without an assistant.) They are super quiet. I can only hear the garage door opened when I am in the room directly on above the garage, and the noise is mostly due to the moving garage doors rather than the openers themselves.”
The only drawback according to several reviews is that the door is a little slower to open. If this seems surprising owing to the power of the opener, bear in mind that the slow operation is necessary to keep it so quiet.


The Sommer Direct Drive Opener is $309.61 on Amazon currently which makes it a more expensive option than the competition. The question is whether or not it can justify this price.

If you’re looking for the quietest opener around then there’s a good chance the answer is yes. It’s also a supremely well built opener with lots of features and a lifetime warranty. But that said, it does open slowly and there are some very good options out there for less.


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