Various Garage Lighting Ideas

In the past, garage lighting options were very limited. In some cases the only lighting source came from the very center of the ceiling of the garage, often attached to the garage door opener. However, there are now countless set ups that can and should be considered so that you can truly make the most of this space.

A common desire for a garage is to be able to perform various tasks. Having ideal lighting can make this much easier. For such a situation, you will want lighting that is focused on the work area itself. It is also important that light is coming from a number of directions as to reduce the chances that objects, such as yourself, will block it. For this purpose, track lighting can be extremely effective. A system that allows for the manipulation of each fixture is ideal so that you can adjust based on your needs. A set with 4 to 6 fixtures will likely be sufficient, but what really matters is your preference.

Another great way to enhance the lighting options in your garage is to install mini lights inside of any cabinets that you may have. There really are countless options in this area that can range in price a great deal. An important factor to remember when considering your options is that you will not need a very high wattage to create the amount of light needed. In fact, a system that provides around 2 to 5 watts in each cabinet should be more than sufficient.

Cabinet lighting options can include led recessed lighting that can be control at the touch of a switch to enable you to turn all of the lights on at once. You can also opt to use LED puck lights that are easily linked to one another, installed and plugged into an electrical socket. The puck lights can provide thousands of hours of lighting and are also extremely affordable. It really all depends on how much you would like to invest in the project.

Door lighting is yet another great option to optimize your garage for use by everyone in the household. This enables you to turn on a light as you enter the garage without having to have full power lighting. This is ideal for when you just need to grab something that is within a few feet of the door. Having this option can actually save money on energy costs as well. Any small fixture that meets your decorating style would be suitable for this function.

Last, but not least, is the lighting that will be used to illuminate the majority of the space in the garage. Again, here, there is a good amount of room for creativity. There are, however, some basic guidelines that can help you to maximize the lighting while also saving a good amount of money on the fixtures and installation. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting is extremely energy efficient and the fixtures themselves are extremely affordable. It should be noted that 4 foot fixtures are the most economical. Ideally you will want to place the fixtures about 4 feet apart from one another. Whether you choose to do this horizontally or vertically to the garage door will depend on the size of the garage.

There are countless garage lighting ideas that can allow you to truly maximize the use of the space. It is an area that was once seen as bland, but creativity really can go a long way. Take the time to examine the space to determine what lighting options will be right for your needs.

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