FAQ’s On Overhead & Standard Garage Doors

When looking at overhead garage doors for your home, there are quite a few different selections regarding brand, materials, usability and durability preferences. The garage on your home is a consistent access point, meaning it’s a part of your home that you see on a daily basis.

You want your overhead doors to look nice and function properly. Whether you’re looking for complete overhead doors or parts for repair, the following are several FAQs to help guide you.

What Do Overhead Garage Doors Cost?

Garage doors as mentioned come in all shapes, sizes, styles and more, so the price range for different doors can vary greatly. For example, a smaller single entry simple model garage door can cost as little as $250 while more luxury models range on up into the thousands of dollars. Realistically, plan on paying over $1000 if you want a really nice garage door and budget more money according to whatever style and finish you end up liking.

Standard Garage Door Prices

If you want to buy a standard garage door from a local store you can install it yourself or hire a contractor to install it. Menards, Home Depot and Lowes all sell garage doors but only have 1 brand in stock.


Menards sells a brand called Ideal. The Ideal Sunrise model is the higher quality garage door. A 9×7 door costs $407 while a 16×8 door runs $831. Click For More Prices.

They also sell a model called the Ideal 3-Star. The 9×7 size will cost you $225. The 16×8 costs $461.

Home Depot

Home Depot sells the Clopay brand. The Clopay Value Series 16×7 size costs $569. The price of a Clopay Gallery Collection 16×7 is $1,537. Click For More Prices.


Lowes sells the Pella brand of garage door. The Pella Traditional 16×7 costs $711. The price of the Pella Carriage House 16×7 costs $1,174. Get More Prices Here.

SearsClick Here For Prices

CostcoClick Here For Prices

Visit your local store for current pricing.

How Big Are Overhead Garage Doors?

16×8 is a standard size as well as 18×8. 18ft is really about the widest I have seen without going to a commercial door. More garage sizes can be found here.

Who Sells Overhead Doors For Sheds?

Horizon Structures and Menard are two businesses that specialize in the sale of garage doors for sheds. However, there are many more companies online featuring large selections of choices for your outdoor shed. Many people like matching up their sheds to look like their homes in many ways, so a company that offers both is ideal.

Where Can I Buy Parts?

Many manufacturers or businesses that sell whole garage doors also sell the replacement parts. To help you specifically with some options, Home Depot sells overhead garage door parts, as does American Doors Supply and Overheaddoor.com. Remember that choosing your parts from Home Depot does not necessarily mean you have to shop in person. They have a site for online ordering just like your other options. More repair options here.

Are Overhead Doors By Wayne Dalton Any Good?

Wayne Dalton showcases a huge arsenal of different choices for garage doors, ranging from aluminum to wooden carriage style, fiberglass, classic steel and vinyl. Insulated garage doors are also available and quite popular. The vast amount of garage door collections available as well as the detailed options for installation make Wayne Dalton an authority within this market.

Where Can I Buy Them?

A simple search yields Overheaddoor.com at the top of the list, and their wide selection is also very appealing. Wayne Dalton overhead doors were mentioned in the previous paragraph, and these are quite the luxury items as well. Many other distributors are available online for your purchasing needs.

Who Makes Overhead Doors?

Again, Overheaddoor.com is one of the larger companies that not only sell these doors but also manufacture them. Wayne Dalton is another. Their doors are high-quality and offered by many different distributors. They mention on their site that you need to look for the red ribbon to ensure you’re purchasing one of their doors from a verified distributor.

Who Can Install It?

Unless you’re quite handy to do this on your own, this is definitely a question many people have. Widely known corporations, such as Home Depot and Lowes can offer installation services for garage doors. There are also going to be local companies you can hire. However, on the flip side, many of the distributors also offer installation. Make sure you ask about this before purchasing.

Who Sells Commercial Overhead Doors?

While residential garage door options seem limitless with the right company, imagine how many options there are for commercial overhead doors. Rest assured, if you’re looking for commercial doors instead of residential doors, the two authorities within the market mentioned previously have you covered. Check out Overheaddoors.com and Wayne Dalton doors for a complete range of different choices.


FAQ’s On Overhead & Standard Garage Doors
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FAQ’s On Overhead & Standard Garage Doors
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