What Do Garage Doors Cost at Home Depot?

At Home Depot, you can actually design your own custom garage door. This is obviously a more expensive option so we’ll discuss the pre-made doors they sell. They are also one of the few retailers who carry wood garage doors.

Clopay is the main brand of garage doors Home Depot sells. But they also list the Martin brand as well.

The cost of installation and extra parts are not included in the prices below.


Clopay at Home Depot
no Brand Size SKU Price
1 Clopay Value Series Non-Insulated Garage
8’x7′ 804408 $433.00
2 Clopay Premium Series 18.4 R-Value
Intellicore Insulated Solid White Garage Door
9’x7′ 204598314 $728.00
3 Clopay Value Series Non-Insulated Solid
White Garage Door
16’x7′ 204598379 $569.00


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What Do Garage Doors Cost at Home Depot?
Article Name
What Do Garage Doors Cost at Home Depot?
Price comparisons on garage doors being sold at Home Depot.