What Are The Standard Garage Door Sizes?

If you plan to replace your existing door, do not just assume it must be some standard size. There are some standard garage door sizes, but there are also plenty of exceptions. You will need to measure it to be sure.

If you are building a new garage, your builder might suggest a standard size, but you need to consider your needs before you make a decision. After all, garage doors are expensive, and you probably do not want to remodel your garage and replace your doors if your needs happen to change.

What Are Standard Garage Door Sizes?

Do you have two single doors, a double door, or a combination of a single and a double for a three car garage?

Standard Heights:

Garage door heights are typically seven or eight feet tall. That said, you can certainly find shorter or taller doors. Older houses might have shorter doors because most people just had cars, and not vans, pickups, or SUVs. It is also true that newer homes may have taller doors because owners had custom needs like bigger vehicles or boats on trailers.

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Standard Widths:

This gets more complicated. On older homes, single doors tended to be eight feet wide. But think about the width of large pickups, full-sized fans, and large SUVs. They also have mirrors that stick out on the side. Ten foot wide single door are getting more common. In any case, eight or nine feet is probably most common, but wider single doors are not that rare.

Of course, if you need a double door, you may have to double that width. In other words, standard garage doors might be sixteen to eighteen feet wide, with some doors as wide as twenty feet.

Why Are Standard Garage Door Sizes Getting Bigger?

If you look at most older homes, you might notice that garages and garage doors are smaller than they are on new houses. In fact, the average size of houses is getting larger too. It is sort of ironic to note that some new garages are almost as large as the average size house used to be half a century ago.

Part of this is because it was normal for a family to only own one car a half century ago. These days, it is much more common for each adult to have their own car. Many families even own a third car or a recreational vehicle they want to store at home. Other families would like to use the extra space in a larger garage as storage space for tools, bikes, or other items. In fact, some people turn the extra space in their garage into a work work.

In this way, larger garages shelter vehicles, but they also might take the place of a storage or work shed. This is ironic because the first garages were actually considered sheds, and some people still call them car sheds instead of garages. It will be easier and less expensive to get a standard sized garage door, but you have the freedom to choose from the best size for your needs.

What Are The Standard Garage Door Sizes?
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What Are The Standard Garage Door Sizes?
Width and height measurements of standard garage doors.