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When it comes to storage in the garage, there are many overlooked areas for storage. At present, approximately 57 percent of those who own a garage can’t fit their car into the garage. Are you ready to take on the challenge of “operation garage cleanup”?

Some common ways of garage organizer systems you can use include garage shelves and racks, garage cabinets, garage overhead storage, garage wall shelving, pegboard and garage organizer hooks.

Here are some easy to use simple organization tips for tidying up your garage and to keep it neat and tidy when you’re done. It’s very doable. It’s not hard and it’s not too costly. Use what you have and make it do.

Start by sorting through what is in your garage. Sort it into piles. Tools go here, things to give away or return to those you borrowed them from go there, toys go over there etc. Don’t worry about where you’re placing these items, for now, just move them to an area all their own so that you know what you do have.

Example #1 – Garage Shelving, Pegboard & Racks:

Garage Storage Ideas

It can seem to be a daunting task to organize the garage so you’re going to have to make it a plan to do so much a day and then do something fun unless you’re the type that must get it all done at once and go from there.

Start by putting larger items up in the rafters. These are the items that you’re not using on a daily basis. The rowboat, the life jackets that go with the rowboat etc. Once these are all out of the way you’re going to have a bit more room. Great, you’re on a roll now.

Now you need to move the large tools. You can either place these on a shelf or you can hang them on the wall. It’s all up to you. You’ll also want to put all of your gardening tools in one area. Hang rakes, shovels and other large items like these all in one easy to see location. Make sure that you get them off of the floor and out of the way.

Example #2 – Garage Overhead Storage Systems:

Garage DIY Organization

Take the time to create zones for your items. The lawn mower can go near where you hang the garden tools. The weed eater should go near here as well. If you can hang these up do so to get them out of the way.

Now it’s time to move the toys to an area where kids can find them easily without disrupting the other items that they shouldn’t be messing with. Keep toys in a separate area or bin near the man door so that kids won’t be in the area where the other tools are. You can also use hooks to move these to a wall where kids can find them. You can find a variety of hooks at the dollar store or even at a home improvement store.

As you sort through things, be sure that you set things aside that you no longer want. You can sell these at a yard sale in the spring. Spring cleaning can be a family project and you can save it all in one area for a yard sale. Use this money to help organize the garage even more.

If you haven’t used the item in over a year, it’s time to let it go and move it to one of the other piles such as sell, donate or return it to the rightful owner. Now you should have enough area to calculate if you can fit your car into the garage yet. If not, you’ll need to continue on your project. Keep sorting and organizing until you can fit the car into your garage.

Take all of the items that you want to donate and return and load them up and take them to their rightful owners or a donation center. This should free up more space. Items slated for a yard sale can be priced and set aside to save time when you have the yard sale.

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